GLP-1作動薬GPCR1PF-070815322型糖尿病/ 肥満第2相低分子薬



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GLP-1 agonistGPCR1PF-07081532T2DM / ObesityPHASE 2w4 Small molecule

Sosei Heptares and Pfizer initiated a strategic drug discovery collaboration in 2015 to research and develop potential new medicines directed at up to 10 GPCR targets nominated by Pfizer in multiple therapeutic areas. The nominated targets have strong clinical and biological validation as key points for therapeutic intervention in their respective diseases but have proved very challenging to address with conventional discovery approaches, with sub-optimal or no medicines approved to date.

Since the start of the collaboration we have delivered multiple preclinical milestones, including StaR®s, X-ray structures and lead molecules, as well as new intellectual property. In December 2019, Sosei Heptares was notified by Pfizer that it has dosed the first subject in a clinical trial with a new drug candidate nominated from the multi-target drug discovery collaboration between the two companies.

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