同社はSosei HeptaresおよびOptinose社と共同でMedicxi社によって設立され、アセット特化企業のモデルに倣い、外部委託による研究開発を行います。臨床的に実証されたOptinose社独自のExhalation Delivery System(EDS)を利用し生み出された、有望な医薬品候補の創製・開発するために、Sosei Heptaresとの提携により、Sosei Heptares独自のGPCRを標的とした構造ベース創薬(SBDD)プラットフォームを活用します。

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Inexia LimitedcompanyNarcolepsyDiscoveryw1 Small molecule

Inexia aims to develop intranasally administered orexin positive modulators for the treatment of neurological diseases.

The orexin system is a key regulator of behavioural arousal, wakefulness and sleep. The loss of the orexin neurons has been shown to be strongly linked to multiple neurological conditions including narcolepsy. In this indication, orexin receptors remain intact and functional, providing an opportunity for therapeutic intervention.

The primary target indication of narcolepsy is characterized by frequent transitions between states of wakefulness and sleep and the inability of maintaining a wakeful state. Narcoleptic patients experience excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), manifesting as attacks of falling asleep at unpredictable times, as well as often suffering from cataplexy, a sudden debilitating but transient weakening of muscle tone that can cause sufferers to collapse. An orexin positive modulator will aim to restore orexin levels in the brain and improve symptoms.

The company is founded by Medicxi in collaboration with Sosei Heptares and Optinose, and follows the asset centric model of outsourcing R&D activities. The partnership with Sosei Heptares leverages unique GPCR structure-based drug design (SBDD) capability for the discovery and development of promising drug candidates which will be delivered using Optinose’s unique clinically validated intranasal Exhalation Delivery System (EDS).

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