Press release
Jun 22, 2020

30th Anniversary Message from CEO Shinichi Tamura

Today, Sosei Group Corporation is celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

When I founded Sosei Co., Ltd. in June 1990, I had a clear vision to create one of Japan’s biopharmaceutical drug discovery champions, bringing innovative medicines to patients all around the world. As I reflect on the journey Sosei has taken over the past 30 years, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved and truly excited about what we can deliver in the future, to our patients, partners, employees and shareholders.

Today, as Sosei Heptares, we have a presence in Japan and the United Kingdom, and with strong foundations based on world-leading technology and ongoing royalties from approved respiratory products, which benefit patients across the globe.

Through our unique StaR® technology and structure-based design capabilities, we are revolutionizing the discovery and development of safer and more effective drug candidates in many disease areas. Our track record has attracted world-leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies as partners, bringing their own extensive capabilities to advance these candidates to improve the health and well-being of patients.

Sosei Heptares would not be where it is today without our ambitious and dedicated employees in Japan and the UK, to whom I express my sincere gratitude.

I am delighted at what Sosei Heptares has become over the past three decades and excited about what the future has to offer. I truly believe that we have created an amazing foundation for Sosei Heptares to become Japan’s first international biopharmaceutical drug discovery champion.


Shinichi Tamura

Chairman and CEO