Press release
Oct 30, 2018

Sosei Completes Move to State-Of-The-Art R&D Facility

Tokyo, Japan and London, UK, 30 October 2018 – Sosei Group Corporation (“Sosei” or the “Company”; TSE Mothers Index: 4565) a world leader in GPCR medicine design and development, today announces it has completed a staged move to new state-of-the-art R&D facilities at Granta Park, Cambridge, UK.

The move represents a key milestone in the Company’s development. The new 35,000 square foot facility, named the Steinmetz Building, houses the Company’s UK R&D team. The facility brings together over 130 highly skilled staff from all over the world, who are focused on the discovery and development of novel GPCR-targeted medicines. The new facility also benefits from being proximate to other world-class research and innovation centers with which the Company has close links, such as the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Mr. Peter Bains, CEO of Sosei, said: “At the time of the acquisition of Heptares Therapeutics in 2015, we made a commitment to establishing the StaR® technology and structure-based drug discovery platform as the core engine for the Company’s growth. We are proud to have fulfilled this commitment with this move to state-of-the art facilities in Cambridge, and look forward to enhanced progress, output and value creation in our core area of GPCR-targeted drug discovery and development.”

Dr. Malcolm Weir, Chief R&D Officer of Sosei, said: “Sosei’s investment has enabled us to create a world-leading center of excellence for the discovery and development of novel medicines targeting GPCRs. We anticipate that with enhanced links to the first-class research environment of Cambridge, we can reinforce our world-leading position in this area.”

The new facility has been named the Steinmetz Building as a tribute to Michael Steinmetz, who passed away in 2016. Michael, through US venture capital firm Clarus Ventures, was a crucial early investor in Heptares Therapeutics, and made a significant contribution to its early development and success in his role as a Board Director between 2007 and 2015