Press release
Mar 14, 2018

Sosei today hosted an Investor Day in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan and London, UK, 14 March 2018 – Sosei Group Corporation (TSE Mothers Index: 4565) (“Sosei” or the “Company”), the world leader in GPCR medicine design and development, today held its Investor Day at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

The Investor Day was hosted by members of Sosei’s senior management team, with a keynote presentation from Dr Richard Henderson, 2017 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry for his pioneering work in the field of cryo-electron microscopy and a co-founder of Sosei’s wholly owned subsidiary, Heptares Therapeutics.

Highlights of the Investor Day:

Peter Bains, Sosei’s CEO, provided an introduction on the company and its strategy to build a global biotech company based on innovative new medicines developed through its partnered and proprietary pipelines, and originating from its world-leading structure-based drug design platform.

In his keynote presentation, Dr Richard Henderson (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK) described cryo-electron microscopy, a technique he pioneered for determining three-dimensional information about protein structures at the near atomic level. This information is expected to improve understanding of the structure and function of proteins under investigation, and thereby advance the design of new drugs targeting specific proteins. Sosei is applying cryo-EM alongside its proprietary platform to study G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) protein complexes, the insights from which are helping to advance the discovery of potential new medicines.

Chief R&D Officer Dr Malcolm Weir provided an overview of Sosei’s StaR® technology and its ability to enable GPCR structure-based drug design. Dr Weir also provided an update on Sosei’s wholly-owned GPCR pipeline, including its promising CGRP candidates for migraine, to which it recently regained global rights, and partnered GPCR pipeline programmes with Allergan in Alzheimer’s disease and AstraZeneca in immuno-oncology.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tim Tasker provided in depth insight into Sosei’s most advanced wholly owned pipeline programme for its selective M1 agonist candidate for dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) in Japan, which subject to regulatory approval, is planned to enter clinical Phase 2 proof-of-concept studies in 2018.

A webcast replay of the Investor Day and selected materials will be made available on the Company’s website.