CXCR4 mAbKY1051がん免疫前臨床モノクローナル抗体



本提携によって、当社グループはStaR® 基盤技術を活用して、両社が選択した複数のGPCRを標的として、安定化した抗原を作製します。Kymab社(現Sanofi)はIntelliSelect™ と呼ばれるトランスジェニックプラットフォームを使用して、これらの抗原による免疫に反応して抗体を作製します。画期的な製品を臨床に進めるために、両社が相補的に有しているスキル、リソース、開発力を活かして有望なリード抗体の開発を共同で進めます。本提携において各抗体の研究開発は共同で行い、開発コストは両社で負担します。

KY1051は、免疫系と腫瘍の微小環境を調節するのに重要な役割を果たすケモカイン受容体であるCXCR4に結合する抗体です。 KY1051は、CXCR4とそのリガンドCXCL12との結合を中和します。これにより、さまざまな悪性腫瘍における免疫チェックポイント療法と組み合わせた治療が可能になると考えています。


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In 2016, Sosei Heptares Group and Kymab (currently known as Sanofi) entered into a strategic collaboration to discover, develop and commercialize novel antibody therapeutics targeting a number of GPCRs with an initial focus on immuno-oncology. KY1051 CXCR-4 product candidate is the first program governed by the terms of the Collaboration Agreement.

GPCRs are widely expressed on cells of the innate and adaptive immune system and play key roles in modulating cell migration and recruitment to the tumor environment, activation, survival, proliferation and differentiation. GPCRs act at critical checkpoints that can be targeted by novel immunotherapy antibodies.

Under the agreement, we will apply our StaR® platform to create stable antigens based on multiple GPCR targets chosen by the companies. Kymab (currently Sanofi)will then use its IntelliSelect™ Transgenic platform to generate antibodies in response to immunization with these antigens. Promising leads will be progressed using the partners’ complementary skills, resources and development capabilities in order to bring innovative products into the clinic. Under the agreement, the companies will jointly conduct and share the costs of each antibody discovery and development program.

KY1051 is an antibody that binds CXCR4, a chemokine receptor that plays a key role in modulating the immune system and the tumour microenvironment. KY1051 neutralizes the binding of CXCR4 to its ligand CXCL12, which we believe will allow treatment in combination with immune-checkpoint therapies in a wide range of malignancies.

Sanofi announced in April, 2021 the successful completion of its acquisition of Kymab Group Ltd., adding KY1005 to its pipeline, a fully human monoclonal antibody targeting key immune system regulator OX40L.

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